Accepted Papers

AuthorsTitlePoster PresentationOral Presentation
Youri Soons, Remco Dijkman, Maurice Jilderda and Wouter DuivesteijnPredicting Remaining Useful Life with Similarity-based PriorsX
Tien Dung Nguyen, Tomasz Maszczyk, Katarzyna Musial, Marc-André Zöller and Bogdan GabrysAVATAR - Machine Learning Pipeline Evaluation Using Surrogate ModelX
Corentin Larroche, Johan Mazel and Stephan ClémençonPercolation-Based Detection of Anomalous Subgraphs in Complex NetworksX
Jisu Kim, Alina Sîrbu, Fosca Giannotti and Lorenzo GabrielliDigital footprints of international migration on TwitterX
Shiva Zamani Gharaghooshi, Osmar Zaïane, Christine Largeron, Mohammadmahdi Zafarmand and Chang LiuAddressing the Resolution Limit and the Field of View Limit in Community MiningX
Dimitar Ninevski and Paul O'LearyDetection of Derivative Discontinuities in Observational DataX
Clément Gautrais, Peggy Cellier, Matthijs van Leeuwen and Alexandre TermierWidening for MDL-based Retail Signature DiscoveryX
Maximilian Stubbemann, Tom Hanika and Gerd StummeOrometric Methods in Bounded Metric DataX
Chang Liu, Christine Largeron, Osmar Zaïane and Shiva Zamani GharaghooshiA Late-fusion Approach to Community Detection in Attributed NetworksX
Elena Battaglia, Livio Bioglio and Ruggero G PensaTowards Content Sensitivity AnalysisX
Rémi Vaudaine, Remy Cazabet and Christine LargeronComparing the preservation of network properties by graph embeddingsX
Ayman Alazizi, Amaury Habrard, Francois Jacquenet, Liyun He-Guelton and Frederic ObleDual Sequential Variational Autoencoders for Fraud DetectionX
Micky Faas and Matthijs van LeeuwenVouw: Geometric Pattern Mining using the MDL PrincipleX
Alexandre Millot, Romain Mathonat, Rémy Cazabet and Jean-Francois BoulicautActionable Subgroup Discovery and Urban Farm OptimizationX
Anes Bendimerad, Jefrey Lijffijt, Marc Plantevit, Céline Robardet and Tijl De BieGibbs sampling subjectively interesting tilesX
Asma Atamna, Nataliya Sokolovska and Jean-Claude CrivelloA Principled Approach to Analyze Expressiveness and Accuracy of Graph Neural NetworksX
Kevin Dalleau, Miguel Couceiro and Malika Smail-TabboneComputing Vertex-Vertex Dissimilarities Using Random Trees: Application to Clustering in GraphsX
Manni Singh, David Weston and Mark LeveneSupervised Phrase-boundary EmbeddingsX
Abdullah Al Safi, Christian Beyer, Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Myra SpiliopoulouMultivariate Time Series as Images: Imputation Using Convolutional Denoising AutoencoderX
Ana Nogueira, Joao Gama and Carlos FerreiraImproving Prediction with Causal Probabilistic VariablesX
Eldan Cohen, Avradip Mandal, Hayato Ushijima-Mwesigwa and Arnab RoyIsing-based Consensus Clustering on Special Purpose HardwareX
Mickael Febrissy and Mohamed NadifA consensus approach to improve NMF document clusteringX
Diana Ramírez-Cifuentes, Christine Largeron, Julien Tissier, Ana Freire and Ricardo Baeza-YatesEnhanced Word Embeddings for Anorexia Nervosa Detection on Social MediaX
Yani Xue, Miqing Li and Xiaohui LiuAngle-based Crowding Degree Estimation for Many-Objective OptimizationX
Tom Viering, Alexander Mey and Marco LoogMaking Learners (More) MonotoneX
Antoine Cornuéjols, Pierre-Alexandre Murena and Raphaël OlivierTransfer Learning by Learning Projections from Target to SourceX
Alexander Mey, Tom Viering and Marco LoogA Distribution Dependent and Independent Complexity Analysis of Manifold RegularizationX
Laura Isabel Galindez Olascoaga, Wannes Meert, Nimish Shah, Guy Van den Broeck and Marian VerhelstDiscriminative Bias for Learning Probabilistic Sentential Decision DiagramsX
Johannes SchneiderAI, how can humans communicate better with you?X
Andrey Savchenko and Evgeny MyasnikovEvent Recognition based on Classification of Generated Image CaptionsX
Jeroen van Doorenmalen and Vlado MenkovskiTowards evaluation of CNN performance in semantically meaningful latent spacesX
Jan Philip Göpfert, André Artelt, Heiko Wersing and Barbara HammerAdversarial attacks hidden in plain sightX
Maroua Bahri, Bernhard Pfahringer, Albert Bifet and Silviu ManiuEfficient Batch-Incremental Classification Using UMAP for Evolving Data StreamsX
Frank Höppner and Maximilian JahnkeEnriched Weisfeiler-Lehman Kernel for Improved Graph Clustering of Source CodeX
Alexander Tong, David van Dijk, Jay Stanley, Matthew Amodio, Kristina Yim, Rebecca Muhle, James Noonan, Guy Wolf and Smita KrishnaswamyInterpretable Neuron Structuring with Graph Spectral RegularizationX
Wissam Siblini, Jordan Fréry, Liyun He-Guelton, Frédéric Oblé and Yi-Qing WangMaster your Metrics with CalibrationX
Biraja Ghoshal, Cecilia Lindskog and Allan TuckerEstimating Uncertainty in Deep Learning for Reporting Confidence: An Application on Cell Type Prediction in Testes Based on ProteomicsX
Ian Jeantet, Zoltan Miklos and David Gross-AmblardOverlapping Hierarchical Clustering (OHC)X
Toyah Overton and Allan TuckerDO-U-Net for Segmentation and CountingX
Marcel Wever, Alexander Tornede, Felix Mohr and Eyke HüllermeierLiBRe: Label-Wise Selection of Base Learners in Binary Relevance for Multi-Label ClassificationX
Francesco Bariatti, Peggy Cellier and Sébastien FerréGraphMDL: Graph Pattern Selection based on Minimum Description LengthX
Christian BorgeltEven Faster Exact k-Means ClusteringX
João Mendes-Moreira and Mitra BaratchiReconciling predictions in the regression setting: anapplication to bus travel time predictionX
Laura von Rueden, Sebastian Mayer, Rafet Sifa, Jochen Garcke and Christian BauckhageCombining Machine Learning and Simulation to a Hybrid Modelling ApproachX
Mohammad Hossein Shaker and Eyke HüllermeierAleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainty with Random ForestsX