Online Program

Monday 27th April

All papers and their presentations (short videos) are available online. The links can be found in the list of accepted papers below.

Tuesday 28th April

The conference is over. It took place on Discord (see conference setup).

Opening words: 15:00 CEST (plenary hall)

Interactive sessions: 15:15 – 16:55 CEST
Session A: 15:15 – 15:45 (articles channels)
Session B: 15:50 – 16:20 (articles channels)
Session C: 16:25 – 16:55 (articles channels)

Closing words: 17:00 CEST (plenary hall)

Accepted Papers

Conference proceedings:

List of all videos:

92A Distribution Dependent and Independent Complexity Analysis of Manifold RegularizationAlexander Mey, Tom Julian Viering, Marco LoogLearning theoryPDFVideoB
25Detection of Derivative Discontinuities in Observational DataDimitar Ninevski, Paul O’LearyLearning theoryPDFVideoC
90Making Learners (More) MonotoneTom Julian Viering, Alexander Mey, Marco LoogLearning theoryPDFVideoA
28A Late-Fusion Approach to Community Detection in Attributed NetworksChang Liu, Christine Largeron, Osmar R. Zaïane, Shiva Zamani GharaghooshiGraphs and networksPDFVideoA
62A Principled Approach to Analyze Expressiveness and Accuracy of Graph Neural NetworksAsma Atamna, Nataliya Sokolovska, Jean-Claude CrivelloGraphs and networksPDFVideoB
20Addressing the Resolution Limit and the Field of View Limit in Community MiningShiva Zamani Gharaghooshi, Osmar R. Zaïane, Christine Largeron, Mohammadmahdi Zafarmand, Chang LiuGraphs and networksPDFVideoC
31Comparing the Preservation of Network Properties by Graph EmbeddingsRémi Vaudaine, Rémy Cazabet, Christine LargeronGraphs and networksPDFVideoA
23Interpretable Neuron Structuring with Graph Spectral RegularizationAlexander Tong, David van Dijk, Jay S. Stanley III, Matthew Amodio, Kristina Yim, Rebecca Muhle et al.Graphs and networksPDFVideoB
27Orometric Methods in Bounded Metric DataMaximilian Stubbemann, Tom Hanika, Gerd StummeGraphs and networksPDFVideoC
10Percolation-Based Detection of Anomalous Subgraphs in Complex NetworksCorentin Larroche, Johan Mazel, Stephan ClémençonGraphs and networksPDFVideoA
63DO-U-Net for Segmentation and CountingToyah Overton, Allan TuckerDeep learningPDFVideoB
54Dual Sequential Variational Autoencoders for Fraud DetectionAyman Alazizi, Amaury Habrard, François Jacquenet, Liyun He-Guelton, Frédéric ObléDeep learningPDFVideoC
43Estimating Uncertainty in Deep Learning for Reporting Confidence: An Application on Cell Type Prediction in Testes Based on ProteomicsBiraja Ghoshal, Cecilia Lindskog, Allan TuckerDeep learningPDFVideoA
113Evaluation of CNN Performance in Semantically Relevant Latent SpacesJeroen van Doorenmalen, Vlado MenkovskiDeep learningPDFVideoA
107Event Recognition Based on Classification of Generated Image CaptionsAndrey V. Savchenko, Evgeniy V. MiasnikovDeep learningPDFVideoB
71Multivariate Time Series as Images: Imputation Using Convolutional Denoising AutoencoderAbdullah Al Safi, Christian Beyer, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Myra SpiliopoulouDeep learningPDFVideoC
8AVATAR - Machine Learning Pipeline Evaluation Using Surrogate ModelTien-Dung Nguyen, Tomasz Maszczyk, Katarzyna Musial, Marc-André Zöller, Bogdan GabrysGeneral themes and applicationsPDFVideoB
6Adversarial Attacks Hidden in Plain SightJan Philip Göpfert, André Artelt, Heiko Wersing, Barbara HammerGeneral themes and applicationsPDFVideoC
114Aleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainty with Random ForestsMohammad Hossein Shaker, Eyke HüllermeierGeneral themes and applicationsPDFVideoA
87Angle-Based Crowding Degree Estimation for Many-Objective OptimizationYani Xue, Miqing Li, Xiaohui LiuGeneral themes and applicationsPDFVideoB
111Combining Machine Learning and Simulation to a Hybrid Modelling Approach: Current and Future DirectionsLaura von Rueden, Sebastian Mayer, Rafet Sifa, Christian Bauckhage, Jochen GarckeGeneral themes and applicationsPDFVideoC
18Digital Footprints of International Migration on TwitterJisu Kim, Alina Sîrbu, Fosca Giannotti, Lorenzo GabrielliGeneral themes and applicationsPDFVideoA
104Human-to-AI Coach: Improving Human Inputs to AI SystemsJohannes SchneiderGeneral themes and applicationsPDFtbaB
34Master Your Metrics with CalibrationWissam Siblini, Jordan Fréry, Liyun He-Guelton, Frédéric Oblé, Yi-Qing WangGeneral themes and applicationsPDFVideoC
100Discriminative Bias for Learning Probabilistic Sentential Decision DiagramsLaura Isabel Galindez Olascoaga, Wannes Meert, Nimish Shah, Guy Van den Broeck, Marian VerhelstClassification and regressionPDFVideoA
15Efficient Batch-Incremental Classification Using UMAP for Evolving Data StreamsMaroua Bahri, Bernhard Pfahringer, Albert Bifet, Silviu ManiuClassification and regressionPDFVideoB
77Improving Prediction with Causal Probabilistic VariablesAna Rita Nogueira, João Gama, Carlos Abreu FerreiraClassification and regressionPDFVideoC
68LiBRe: Label-Wise Selection of Base Learners in Binary Relevance for Multi-label ClassificationMarcel Wever, Alexander Tornede, Felix Mohr, Eyke HüllermeierClassification and regressionPDFVideoA
1Predicting Remaining Useful Life with Similarity-Based PriorsYouri Soons, Remco Dijkman, Maurice Jilderda, Wouter DuivesteijnClassification and regressionPDFtbaB
103Reconciling Predictions in the Regression Setting: An Application to Bus Travel Time PredictionJoão Mendes-Moreira, Mitra BaratchiClassification and regressionPDFVideoC
91Transfer Learning by Learning Projections from Target to SourceAntoine Cornuéjols, Pierre-Alexandre Murena, Raphaël OlivierClassification and regressionPDFVideoA
86Enhanced Word Embeddings for Anorexia Nervosa Detection on Social MediaDiana Ramírez-Cifuentes, Christine Largeron, Julien Tissier, Ana Freire, Ricardo Baeza-YatesNatural language processingPDFVideoB
67Supervised Phrase-Boundary EmbeddingsManni Singh, David Weston, Mark LeveneNatural language processingPDFVideoC
30Towards Content Sensitivity AnalysisElena Battaglia, Livio Bioglio, Ruggero G. PensaNatural language processingPDFVideoA
58Actionable Subgroup Discovery and Urban Farm OptimizationAlexandre Millot, Romain Mathonat, Rémy Cazabet, Jean-François BoulicautPattern discoveryPDFVideoB
60Gibbs Sampling Subjectively Interesting TilesAnes Bendimerad, Jefrey Lijffijt, Marc Plantevit, Céline Robardet, Tijl De BiePattern discoveryPDFVideoC
73GraphMDL: Graph Pattern Selection Based on Minimum Description LengthFrancesco Bariatti, Peggy Cellier, Sébastien FerréPattern discoveryPDFVideoA
57Vouw: Geometric Pattern Mining Using the MDL PrincipleMicky Faas, Matthijs van LeeuwenPattern discoveryPDFVideoB
26Widening for MDL-Based Retail Signature DiscoveryClément Gautrais, Peggy Cellier, Matthijs van Leeuwen, Alexandre TermierPattern discoveryPDFVideoC
83A Consensus Approach to Improve NMF Document ClusteringMickael Febrissy, Mohamed NadifClusteringPDFVideoB
64Computing Vertex-Vertex Dissimilarities Using Random Trees: Application to Clustering in GraphsKevin Dalleau, Miguel Couceiro, Malika Smail-TabboneClusteringPDFVideoC
22Enriched Weisfeiler-Lehman Kernel for Improved Graph Clustering of Source CodeFrank Höppner, Maximilian JahnkeClusteringPDFVideoA
82Even Faster Exact k-Means ClusteringChristian BorgeltClusteringPDFVideoB
79Ising-Based Consensus Clustering on Specialized HardwareEldan Cohen, Avradip Mandal, Hayato Ushijima-Mwesigwa, Arnab RoyClusteringPDFVideoC
55Overlapping Hierarchical Clustering (OHC)Ian Jeantet, Zoltán Miklós, David Gross-AmblardClusteringPDFVideoA